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Beyond the Horizon: The Future of Innovation & Compliance in Human Services

At the annual ISM + PHSA Education Conference & Expo produced by the American Public Human Services Association (APHSA), legal and technology leaders from state, county, and federal human services agencies join industry professionals in learning about the latest technology and legal trends. The ISM + PHSA conference is jointly hosted by two APHSA affinity groups focused on the technology and legal components of government human services: the IT Solutions Management for Human Services (ISM) Affinity Group and the Public Human Services Attorneys (PHSA) Affinity Group.

This conference showcases innovative approaches to the design and delivery of state, county, and city human services at the intersection of technology, legal compliance, policy, and practice. There is also a focus on important legal topics in the larger realm of human services, with the ability for attendees to obtain all their annual continuing legal education units (CLE), including ethics. This conference offers unparalleled opportunities for learning, peer networking, experiencing hands-on demonstrations of solutions, and connecting with a wide array of committed partners and organizations, all working toward a shared vision: Thriving Communities Built on Human Potential.


Top Five Reasons to Attend

  1. Interact with your peers, federal and state partners, and private sector experts.

  2. Dedicated sessions with federal partners, industry thought leaders and peers sharing lessons learned and best practices.

  3. Experience and hear about cutting-edge IT technologies and solutions, as well as the legal framework that puts them in perspective.

  4. Program agenda designed specifically for IT and legal professionals in the Human Services sector.

  5. The nation’s largest Human Services technology and legal event, dedicated to building community in the Human Services sector.

High Fives


The American Public Human Services Association (APHSA) supports leaders from state, county, and city human
services agencies to advance the well-being of individuals, families, and communities nationwide. As a bipartisan membership association, we work with our members to generate pragmatic solutions grounded in lived experience with a lens for equity and belonging.

APHSA members administer, oversee, and align programs that build resilience and bolster family well-being through access to food, health care, housing, employment, child care, and many other key building blocks necessary for thriving communities. Our members also work to modernize and align human services Information Technology (IT) systems, performance measurement and data analysis, workforce development and training, and the legal dimensions of the sector.

Our Vision
A nation of thriving communities built on human potential.

Dedicated to public service and the common good, our members build well-being from the ground up so everyone can thrive.

Our Mission

Influence, Build, Connect

In partnership with our members, we influence modern approaches to sound policy, build the capacity of public agencies to enable healthy families and communities, and connect leaders to accelerate learning and generate practical solutions together.

About ISM

Who We Are
IT Solutions Management for Human Services (ISM) is an APHSA Affinity Group focused on improving outcomes in public human services through technology and innovation. It is made up of professionals representing state, city, and county governments across the country.

Learn more about our roles and responsibilities.

Our Purpose
ISM is dedicated to fostering partnerships between the government and the private sector that aim to improve the use of information technology in public human services. We strive to enhance government agencies' understanding of technology’s role in driving innovation centered on equity and the lived experiences of people interacting with the human services system. As an Affinity Group, ISM serves as a platform for the exchange of information about innovations, successes, and lessons learned in human services IT. ISM’s core purpose is to advance the strategic use of technology in human services to meet client service and administrative needs through policy, practice, and process innovation.

Read Our Bylaws

About PHSA

Who We Are
Public Human Services Attorneys (PHSA) is a professional organization of attorneys who represent the state and local government agencies that administer human services programs. PHSA facilitates the exchange of information between attorneys and promotes innovation in the human services sector.

The American Association of Health and Human Services Attorneys (AAHHSA) voted at their 2022 annual conference to change their name to the Public Human Services Attorneys (PHSA). This name change reflects a refocus on their work within the human services sector and the communities they serve

Our Purpose
To advocate for and enact policies and practices that enhance the delivery and quality of human services programs. PHSA encourages the discussion of legal matters and the cordial exchange of experience and knowledge, allowing for an acceleration of learning and the generation of practical solutions.

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